Boston Engagement | Mariam & Thomas

Hello all of you fine people who are reading this right now! I took a little break from blogging over the last few weeks. For some of that time I was on a trip to Hawaii, which was wonderful and relaxing. My mind had a chance to calm down for a bit and just focus on sunrises and sunsets and waves. I plan to show some of the photos I took while I was there soon. Please hold me to that promise. These two are actually going to Hawaii for their honeymoon! There will definitely be a list made for them – mostly with places to enjoy tasty food.

Mariam & Thomas met while attending Tufts University School of Medicine. They live in Washington now, but came out to the East Coast in February to do some wedding planning. While they were here we met up with them, on what happened to be a very springlike day in winter. We started in Chinatown – near Tufts, and also where Thomas lived while in school. Then we made our way over the the Esplanade, where we were treated to a gorgeous sunset.

Mariam was a bridesmaid in Abby & Paul’s wedding. Our favorite way of connecting with new couples is through our past couples. Everyone keep sending your friends our way. It’s the best. These two will be getting married at the end of May in New York, and we’re looking forward to it very much!

Nonantum Resort Kennebunkport Wedding | Kaidy & Kyle

Kaidy & Kyle were married at a beautiful seaside church, St. Ann’s Episcopal in Kennebunkport, in late September. The church was constructed in the 1880s from stones gathered from the adjacent sea. Needless to say, ideal for an intimate coastal wedding ceremony. Their reception was at the Nonantum Resort on a clear day that ended with a gorgeous sunset over the Kennebunk River. Kaidy’s smile and Kyle’s laugh are both infectious. I remember laughing and smiling all day long.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, one of my favorite ways of meeting new clients is through past couples. In this case, Kyle was the best man at his brother’s wedding a few years ago. Kaidy and Kyle were dating at the time, so she was there too. Kyle’s brother Hank married Mary and they had their wedding at the Atlantic Inn on Block Island. Hank & Mary have brought so many couples our way over the years – friends from college, friends of friends from collegefriends of friends, friends of cousins, couples who admired their wedding photographs online (just to name a few) – and siblings now too!

Thank you, Mary & Hank for always speaking so highly of us. We adore you guys.

And thank you, Kaidy & Kyle for choosing us to tell the story of day one in your marriage. We loved being there with you.

Event Planner: Nonantum Resort |  Location: Nonantum Resort  |  Dress: Liancarlo  |  Groom’s  Suit: Indochino  |  Hair & Make-up: Jessica Candage  |  Invitations & Paper Goods: Ruby the Fox |   Florals: Melissa Fleurant  |  Caterer: Nonantum Resort  |  Baker: Let Them Eat Cake  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Jim Hjelm  |  Groomsmen: Bowties – Summer Ties, Belts – Smathers & Branson  |  Band: Bob Charest Band | Tent: Sperry Tents

A Look Back at 2016

It’s difficult to gather my thoughts about last year with everything happening in our country at the moment. My small world seems even smaller right now. Last year was a difficult one for me personally, and it all went by in a bit of a blur. It started off really well and quite suddenly and sadly changed. There were many days I needed to to turn inward. What I came to look forward to were the times I was photographing. Wedding days forced me to focus on the happiness of others, and for a while I got lost in their world. This is a look back on moments in the lives of all the lovely people who chose us to be there to celebrate with them.

To all our couples – you helped me more than you can know. Being witness to your love, and to the friendship of those who were there to celebrate with you, gave me peace and a chance to breathe. I sincerely hope the photographs we created will always be able to bring you back to that beautiful day.

These are just some of the images from this last year that stood out to me. A theme I noticed while looking over them all – I definitely have a thing for hands.

Lake Hopatcong Engagement | Katie & Graham

There’s snow outside my window here in Massachusetts, and I’m dreaming about the Christmas (possibly a snowy one) we get to spend at the lake. As the year comes to an end, I’ve been thinking back on all that has happened. This past summer was a surprisingly great one for a few reasons – we spent a lot of time on the dock, my brother put his boat in the water for the first time in many years, and…Graham & Katie got engaged!

This fall, before the boat came out for the season, we went on a final ride around the lake and I got to take some engagement photos for my brother and Katie. It was a little strange doing this thing I do all the time for the two of them. I mean, my brother is engaged?!

The lake is important to Graham, and over the years he has been able to show Katie the places he loves, and to tell her his stories of growing up. I’m glad she got to meet my dad and see this place that means so much to my family. I like knowing this part of their lives together has been captured.

Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot with couple in a Correct Craft Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot with couple in a Correct Craft Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot in Fall Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot in Fall Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot in Fall Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot in FallLake Hopatcong engagement shoot in Fall Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot with couple in a Correct Craft Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot with couple in a Correct Craft Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot in Fall Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot in Fall Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot in Fall Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot with couple walking Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot with Correct Craft Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot with couple in a Correct Craft Lake Hopatcong engagement shoot with couple looking at sunset

Summer Camp Wedding at Kamp Kohut | Julie & Greg

Weddings that happen somewhere meaningful to the couple are always my favorite to photograph. There’s something about knowing the couples’ connection to the place where this momentous event is happening – it somehow makes this important day feel even more important. At least that’s how it feels to me. The emotions that are tied to a place really affect me, which is why I love photographing weddings like this one.

Julie & Greg were married at Kamp Kohut in Maine. Julie was a camper and then a counselor at Kohut, but her ties to this place go even further back. Her grandparents were the camp directors, so Julie’s mom also spent her summers there. Years later, when Julie was young, her parents took over the camp and continue to run it today with her sister. For Julie, the camp is home. Greg told me that the first time he traveled to Maine with Julie to meet her family and they walked around the camp he just knew – she was it.

Greg grew up on the West Coast and also spent summers as a camper and counselor at a camp in California. Since camp was a big part of both their lives, it was never a question where they would get married. They took over Kohut for the weekend and created Camp Rapaport Levine. Their friends stayed in the cabins, and they even had color wars – Julie’s camp vs. Greg’s camp (Julie’s won).

Knowing they had such a connection to this place, and seeing how great the camp was, I definitely felt overwhelmed by all there was to photograph. In the end though, it’s always about the connection between the people. There was so much laughter – and a good amount of tears – and the vows were fantastic! Their wedding reaffirmed how much I enjoy doing what I do.

Thank you to Julie’s sister, Carly, for recommending us. And thank you, Julie & Greg, for having us there to celebrate with you. Friendship bracelets need to be made.

Kamp Kohut Summer Camp Wedding summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-003 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-004 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-005 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-006 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-007 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-008 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-009 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-010 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-011 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-012 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-013 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-014 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-015 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-016 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-017 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-018 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-019 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-020 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-021 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-022 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-023Kamp Kohut Summer Camp Weddingsummer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-025 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-026 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-027 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-028 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-029summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-031summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-030 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-032 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-033 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-034 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-035 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-036 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-037 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-038 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-039 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-040 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-041 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-042 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-043 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-044 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-045 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-046 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-047 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-048 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-049 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-050 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-051 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-052 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-053 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-054 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-055 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-056 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-057 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-058 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-059summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-060 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-061 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-062bsummer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-063 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-064 summer-camp-wedding-kamp-kohut-wedding-lara-kimmerer-065

Event Planner: Janie Haas Events |  Location: Kamp Kohut  |  Hair & Make-up:  Colleen Brink Salon  |  Invitations & Paper Goods:  Paisley Quill |   Florals: Moonset Farms  |  Caterer: Kitchen Chicks Catering  |  Baker: Let Them Eat Cake |  Band: Great Good Fine Ok  |  Dress: Amsale  |  Groom’s  Suit: JCrew  | Bridesmaids Dresses: Joanna August

We also got to work with two lovely videographers – Daniel and Lori of Latimer Studios. Check out the film they made for Julie & Greg:

Julie and Greg // Camp Wedding in Maine // Kamp Kohut from Latimer Studios on Vimeo.