Arnold Arboretum Engagement | Ashley & Keith

Hello all! Believe it or not, I’m still around. This space has been pretty silent this year, which I plan to change in the coming weeks. This summer in particular was a hectic and emotionally overwhelming one for me. I’ve been distracted personally, which has led to me neglecting a few things – this blog being one of them. I’ve still been shooting though! In fact, we’re off to the Cape tomorrow to photograph Ashley & Keith’s wedding. Before we head off, I wanted to share a few from the pre-wedding shoot we did with them back in May. Trees were just beginning to bloom and the temperature was much like it was today – cool and beautiful.

Arnold Arboretum Engagement Shoot Arnold Arboretum Engagement Shoot Arnold Arboretum Engagement Shoot Arnold Arboretum Engagement Shoot Arnold Arboretum Engagement Shoot Arnold Arboretum Engagement Shoot Arnold Arboretum Engagement Shoot

Location: Arnold Arboretum

New York State Wedding | Mariam & Thomas

Mariam & Thomas’ wedding had so many of my favorite things – a beautiful setting; family involvement – Mariam’s brother officiated and both of Thomas’ brothers gave toasts that were heartfelt and hilarious; and a past couple of ours as guests. We met Mariam & Thomas through Abby & Paul. Mariam was Abby’s bridesmaid, and Abby reciprocated by being a co-maid of honor for Mariam.

This wedding was quite the tearjerker for me – especially when it came to Mariam & her dad. Before going out to see Thomas for the first time, Mariam walked down the staircase to her dad waiting at the bottom. He held a photograph from the day Mariam was born. Woo-boy. Tears – the great kind.

It’s the little details that make a wedding day specific to the couple. Mariam put a pin of her grandfather’s, who is no longer around, in her hair. I also loved the idea that Thomas had for Mariam. He wrote her four letters that were given to her as the day went along – leading up to their first look. I’m sure they will keep those to look back on years from now.

Thank you Abby & Paul – and thank you Mariam & Thomas for having us their to celebrate with you.

naaem khan dress and invitation by rachel marvin bride in mirror portrait of bride in black and white polaroid cards from the groom to his bride Portrait of a bride smiling portraits of a bride before the first look bride's grandfather's hat pin portrait of groom in blue tux bride walking on stairs bride hugging dad father of bride holding photograph of bride on the day she was born father hugging bride with tears in his eyes bride and groom first look bride and groom embracing during first look bride and groom walking away bouquet by julia rosa portrait of bride and groom in tree groom kissing bride on forehead portrait of bride and groom in large tree wedding party looking out window before ceremony groom walking down aisle with parents bride anxiously awaiting walking down the aisle with father bride smiling walking down aisle with father groom smiling watching bride walk down aisle

Event Planner: Elizabeth Edwards of Tarrytown House Estate |  Location: Tarrytown House Estate |  Dress: Naaem Khan  |  Groom’s Tux: Generation Tux  |  Hair & Make-up: Just B Beautiful  |  Invitations & Paper Goods: Rachel Marvin  |   Florals: Julia Rosa  |  Baker: Sweet Lisa’s  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Hayley Paige Azalea  |  Groomsmen: Generation Tux  |  Band: ETA Music

Take a look back at Mariam & Thomas’ Boston engagement shoot.

Brides – Before a First Look

When I talk with a couple for the first time, I explain that our style is somewhat low-key. We’re there to document the day as it happens. We don’t want to impose ourselves on the day, but rather be there to observe. That being said, I also explain that a well thought out timeline with buffer room, allows the day to flow naturally and gives the space for surprises to happen.

That extra space also gives us time to take some portraits. Candid photographs tell the story of the day, but I think portraits are important too. They tell the story of who you were on that day. They also give us a bit of time to slow down from all the bustle of getting ready. I often ask everyone to leave the room – to quiet the space and allow for the realization of what the day is really about to sink in. Sometimes there’s a nervous laugh, other times there are tears. And sometimes there’s a calm that takes over the space we’re in. All of it I love, because all of it is real.

I have weddings to show you starting next week. For now though, here are three portraits from this wedding season.

I’m currently booking 2018 and 2019 weddings. Get in touch! I’d love to chat and learn about the two of you.

Bridal Portrait by window lightBridal Portrait in Black and White - 1940s style Bridal Portrait with veil and succulents

Firefly Field Wonder

I shared this image on my Instagram account earlier today, but I thought it deserved to be larger. I used to write personal posts a lot on my old blog. My life evolved and I found myself not wanting to share much of what was happening to me personally. Last year my dad died and I just felt heavy. Not wanting to bring anybody down, especially those of you looking for a photographer for a joyous occasion, I shied away from mentioning it much.

I’ve been thinking lately how everybody has something, or will have something happen to them during the course of their lives. These things may wreck you for a while, then you evolve. You evolve into a different version of yourself. I’ve done it once before when my mom died and I came out stronger and more aware of the life I wanted for myself. My dad dying ten years later reminded me of that all over again. It’s only been a little over a year, so I’m not certain where this evolution will take me yet.

From my Instagram post:

When Peter and I were first starting to spend time together, much of that time was spent riding around in cars – sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. This drove my mom crazy, I’m sure, but there were songs to listen to, and so many conversations to be had – everything was new. Life seemed wondrous and completely open to so many possibilities. Perhaps it’s because lately I’ve been feeling the opposite that I’ve been thinking back to that time in my life a lot more. So many things seem to be disappearing and time feels like it’s closing in. I need wondrous back in my life.

One of those summer nights we were driving around, we took a turn onto Shades of Death Road. For you non-New Jerseysians, yes – that is an actual road name. It’s in a rural part of the state and winds through farmland. Peter was driving and I was gazing out the passenger window when I saw something amazing – a field of fireflies. The night was warm and muggy – apparently the perfect weather for lightning bugs. They were all over – in the trees, in the tall grass, midway between both. There were thousands of them. It was one of the most magical sights I had ever seen. We were so excited at what we found, we took my brother, and my mom, and friends to see it too.

There were a couple times over the recent years we went back, but the fireflies weren’t as many. A few weeks ago we were home on a particularly muggy night, with a full moon too, and we decided to go and see what we could see. As we drove down the road there were a few here and there…and then we arrived at our spot – fireflies everywhere! I long to be in that moment – in that space of wonder once more.

Jamaica Plain Brewery Complex Engagement | Julia & Francis

Waaaay back last November I met Julia & Francis at Ula Café in Jamaica Plain to meet them for the first time. They were in the area for Thanksgiving and getting a few wedding things accomplished while they were here. We only had that morning to meet until their wedding (which is tomorrow!), so even though it was bitterly cold out, we went for it. Turns out a brutally cold day leads to cuddling and laughter – the best combination for photos.