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a little about me
a little about me

I grew up surrounded by photographs. I spent hours looking at my parents’ and grandparents’ photo albums, and would get lost in the images. I wondered about the people they used to be, and about the people surrounding them that I never had the chance to meet. Each photograph told a story that seemed intimate and important. I think those images are part of the reason I became a photographer.

Weddings that feel genuine to the couple and are packed with emotions are my favorite – tears get me every time. My favorite venues tend to be homes that have been in a family for generations. I love witnessing another moment in the story of a family, in a place where so much history has already been seen. Emotions of all sorts catch my attention, and a smile is usually stuck on my face the whole time I’m working.

I grew up on a lake in New Jersey. It’s the place where I learned to daydream and to notice smaller, quiet moments. My absolute favorite place to be is standing on “my” rock, a few feet away from the dock, with the water up to my chin –  staring out at the lake. That’s the place that makes me feel the most like me.

I currently live in the Boston area with my husband, Peter. I’m lucky to have my brother close by as well. We enjoy calling New England our home, but love to travel and will gladly go anywhere in the country or world if asked. Ask us!

Current Book I'm Loving
The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett
Why a Lilac?

When I was young my mom and I would go lilac hunting. Lilacs were a favorite of my moms, but we didn’t have any lilac trees on our property, so we would search them out and bring them to us. Lilac trees can often be found on older properties – and the best ones are on abandoned properties. We would go during twilight (in my memory it was always raining too) and snip a few branches off the trees to enjoy the flowers in our home for a few days.

My mom and I both have April birthdays, the month lilacs usually bloom. The Spring brings with it a feeling of possibility and light, and for me a sense of nostalgia and memories – much the way I feel about photographs.

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Full Day Coverage
Full Day Coverage

We’re interested in personal stories – and weddings filled with a bunch of little moments that come together to make the day yours. If you’re interested in having us tell your story, please get in touch!

Full day coverage includes:

  • up to ten hours of coverage
  • 2nd photographer/assistant (most often my husband, Peter)
  • a pre-wedding shoot
  • a USB with your finished wedding files + files from your pre-wedding shoot
  • online photo gallery
  • travel within New England included


Weekday Elopements
Weekday Elopements


Up to four hours of coverage, with no less than two hours of coverage needed to book.

  • First two hours – $1200
  • Additional hours – $500 each
  • a digital download of your finished wedding files
  • online photo gallery
  • travel up to 80 miles outside of Boston